Fast forward 6 months

I miss the memories that I left behind. Behind those pains and loneliness, I've found peace and my own kind of happiness that no one understands. I've been meeting so many new faces since then but I feel more invisible than I ever was before. A stranger, unimportant, but when I open up myself to greater challenges and opportunities, I learnt that everyone has their own nightmares but they are fearless. They don't know what might come tomorrow but they're ready for any risks coming from the decisions they made. They enjoy and live the moment, and what inspired me the most is that they give back everything that they have- let it be a small thing. But it's the small, simple things that count. I'm deeply thankful for this (current) phase of my life. I've grown to love the people I met who soon became my friends here and they couldn't be less than wonderful. It brings me to surprise me how nice and understanding some people can be. I've been shrinking my circle of people whom I trust expecting them to understand me the most; only to realize that they met greater person who fits their in their life perfectly. And it's fine with me because I too found people who doesn't criticise my choices in life. I feel like belong to where I am now and it sucks that I only feel this overwhelmed when I'm a month away till I'm done with my foundation.