Goodbye high school

Growing up, I have an enormous issue with fitting in, being accepted-especially during my high school life or probably just during my high school life. But it's less than a week till I leave high school. Will I miss this place? No. But I will definitely miss the memories I've made here. I'll miss the feeling of being here but I'm one step ahead of growing older- stepping into adulthood. And I can't wait for that because only God knows how suffering it is to face another day in high school feeling like you've tried your best but it's still wasn't good enough. It's always not good enough.

A great friend of mine once told me that once she leave high school, nobody will know where she'll be at, who will she become. She wanted to start it all new, be a new person. At first, I think she was being ridiculous but as time keep on ticking, I've started to reconsider her idea and I'm growing to love it. I'll be in the school photos but the memories of me will be so blurry- it's like I never exist. But sometimes I just wonder, when my schoolmates grows older, look at their high school photos and came across my figure,

What do they got to say about me?

fyzie zissy