You are a champion
You are a champion and you should know that
Forget the dos and donts, the mistakes and drawbacks

Because what you did that night no other Malaysian could do,
you reunited a country of people, and got a world rooting for you
5th August 2012

Sure, he's got the gold and he took the medal
but you took home hearts that wont fade or go brittle

You took home cheers even in those tears
going out with everything on the line, you blew our minds
with the best game we've seen, that forever will shine

Dato Lee Chong Wei

You stand for everything the Malaysian spirit should be
You take the country to the finals and still say you're sorry?
Dude screw that.
Take that, break that, dump that and trash that

You know what? We're sorry
We're sorry that most of us blabbed about,
the free dessert and the holiday we could do without

We came for the worthless but stayed for your gold
Yes you heard me, your gold
Because that's the story that'll be told

Your story,
and how you did it your way,
the hard way the painful way,
the humble and the right way.

The Lee Chong Wei - way

Because you broke down in that court for a country you think you let down,
but the only thing you did was to let the world know you weren't messing 'round.
People go for medals you go for a nation
Don't say you're sorry, we don't need your explanation

So this goes right out to you, our country's hero.
He's won an accessory, you've won a people.

fyzie zissy