We shouldn’t have to bear alone

When you're in a relationship, your future seems to revolve around that one person that you love. Those fantasies you have on waking up next to his morning face, and he'll lean over to kiss your forehead and whisper "Good morning, beautiful" slowly to your ears and give you the warmest and sweetest smile he could ever create. The next thing you know you'll be walking in your tippy toe and made him a cup of tea, let him read the newspaper on the coffee table and sip the drink that you've made. And you would wrap your arms around his neck from behind and thought of how lucky you are to have this one particular men in your life and he'll pull you on his laps and hold your hands like there's no tomorrow. And when it's night time, you would linger around him and rest your head on his chest and fall on a deep sleep.

Sounds familiar, isn't it?

But ever wonder what will happen after a break up?All those faces in your fantasies will somehow disappear from your mind and you don't know what to replace them with. And that's when loneliness occurs. It would be nice to have someone who would wait for you till the end of time, you know, in case you've changed your mind about wanting to have that person in your life again. But I don't wanna live in such expectation. I don't want anyone to wait for me, to give me a spark of hope knowing that I'm worth someone's sacrifices. I won't make such a selfish decision. But again, forcing someone who have accepted you for your goods and bad, who had been there for you when you feel insecure at 3am in the morning, who would love to see you in his favourite t-shirts and was there with you in a relationship for more than one year was the hardest, yet the saddest decision I've ever made. But I have to.

And with that, I close the chapter of your name.

fyzie zissy