When no one's left to take your side

ph & editing by me
It sucks not to have that one good friend who's always there beside you at school. It sucks not to have those friends who's always proud of your achievements and believe that you can do better. It really sucks. I always have that moment where I simply close my eyes, recalling all the memories that I used to share with my closed friends. I can feel their absence. I can picture their smile. And I can hear their voices of laughter, slowly killing me from the inside. A part of me just got weaken everytime I wish they were here with me. So I will force myself to open my eyes, to get my feet on the ground, because there's no more that one person who would remind me not to take advantage of everything that I have now. After all those loneliness I have to face, those days where I end up crying because I feel like I couldn't turn to anybody and those times where I choose not depend on anybody else, I actually learn something form it; I've learn to be independent. 

And I manage to live in the emptiness of being alone.

fyzie zissy


  1. sama la..kadang2 rasa menyesal dah lepaskan dia pergi tapi lama2,tanpa sedar, saya dah mula,yeahh,takdela teruk mana kan?:D

  2. And now you have a heart-like-stone.. I had it enough~ No matter how hard we tried to accept reality, thing will not comes to an end..not until we found the new beginning.

  3. This has nothing to do with your blog post but there's a fake account, using a picture of yours. Here,

    Just telling :)

  4. you will used to it my dear ;) I've experienced it and honestly it is hurt. You felt lost at first but soon you will find it is normal :-)

  5. just found your blog, and impressed with your words in your bottom blog page :D

  6. Independent is a beautiful thing :))

  7. yanne nadila, nope it's not the end of the world for us though :-)

    Dreamer, life wasn't always fair to us. But we just have to keep on moving. We have to learn from our mistakes and past, and try to let it go. Because there's definitely a reason why it happened that way :-)

    Hanis Syahirah, that's not me, thanks for the infos! :-)

    lisa, I'm already numb to it :-)

    STARSNAPSHOT, thank you :-)

    I'DYA, indeed! :-)