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So I deactivate my twitter account just recently. And people keep on questioning me about my followers and it annoys me.

You see, having that many followers on twitter doesn't resemble anything special. Everything you tweet, people will tend to judge it, mentions will start flooding in your timeline, and when you try to defense yourself and explain to them what you really mean, they'll say you're a rebellious young teenager who never get enough attention from your parents.

Exactly how stupid is that? It's not that I've been trolled or bashed or anything but seeing other tweeters who's just about my age being treated that way without any particular reason, I was like, 'Hey, that could have been me'. I'm just sick of the twitter environment. The fake rumors, the dramas and feels like I've lost my freedom of speech. And truth to be told, I actually miss the life I had before I signed up for twitter. I used to be so enthusiast of reading some good novels, spend some quality times with my lovers, go out and jog every evening and etc. But it seems like I've trade those routines of mine to just spend some of my time tweeting. I don't blame anyone for this, I mean, twitter is really addictive. But maybe it's time for me to take a break from it.

I'll be back, maybe.

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  1. Dah lama tau i tunggu new post you. And finally you're :)) I love your entry lolz.

  2. but if you will not comeback there, you still can write here. i'll forever be one of your readers. its true. even im a bit older than you hehe

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  4. to tell you the truth,i love to read all your post.You're my inspiration ^^

  5. Take your time Nazihah.

    It's good to be away from social Internet life.

    Twitter is addicting, whether you want it or not.

    I'm afraid of going astray, with all the distractions of Internet. I used to use Internet to play games on Miniclip. Oh I miss those times. So innocent... u.u

    Oh well.

    Anyways Nazihah, I can see a lot of people missing you on Twitter. Me? Umm... I don't know... don't ask me... I'm just commenting here... lol

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  7. dear nazihah anuar, i hope you comeback to twitter.. i miss your tweet so much..i will wait.. take your time ;)

  8. Alhamdulillah :3 You're back!!!
    hmm. Tapi betul jugak , before adaa twitter. I selalu baca novel!! Hihihihi . Jiwang gila. Mwahah . But now :( Tch. Sumpah takbest. Hihi. Selalu post tau. Nak baca blog in english !!! <3 Loveyou always Nazihah Anuar !

  9. eyqa :), Thanks :-)

    Mimie Cikonett :), I'll never leave blogger, that's for sure :D

    Damia Izzati Azmi, Awh you're nice :3

    NURUL AIN, Thank you :-)

    Forte, Lol okay..........

    violet delfino, I already come back. But I rarely tweet tho.

    Annysse Sophiellea, that's a fake account.

    Akeyla Frr, Dah jarang tweet dah pun :-( Aw love ya too x

  10. ignore je ape deme cakap. chill bebeh, you're awesome and they were jealous !