Confession #2

I'm not the average teenager everyone thought I am. I barely know a place in Damansara. I go to a school where I have to say it's name twice because people will be like "I'm sorry, what school again?" kind of thing. I don't captured my photos through iPhone, never have the chance to use a Blackberry. I don't have the shortest skirt in my wardrobe, I don't even wear make up when I go out. I don't see my boyfriend everyday, I don't bother to catch up on the latest gossips with my friends. The only best burger I ever taste is the one I usually ordered at McDonald. I don't smoke and I don't have the sexiest default picture on my social accounts.

It seems like people around my age are trying so hard to grow up, doing all those matured stuff old people do. I mean, you have your whole life to try all that. Why waste another day of your teenage life trying your best to act old when you can let time do it's job? It's funny how I see some teenagers posted their photos holding alcohol drinks and stuff thinking that they look perfectly up to date when the truth is, they look pathetic. Yes, people might tell me that it's their curiosity that make them try everything that everyone else is doing. But if you really think you're old enough to please your curiosity, you might as well know how to differentiate between the good and the bad things.

It's just that, sometimes I wish other teenagers can feel the way I feel right now. I feel free. And I don't mean free as if being able to hang out with my friends till late at night. I mean free from all the troubles, free from all the mess, free from trying so hard to be someone else when you know it's not the real you, free from everything your heart been aching from. It feels like I don't have anything else to bother now other than trying my best to make my parents feels proud of me. It feels like I've already achieve what I've always wanted; I finally got 1k followers on my blog, I finally make a shout-out for my 10,000th tweet, I fixed my 9 months of relationship with my boy, I finally clear the air between me and my mum, I feel closer to the Almighty, I finally found peace again.

"Give me everything I need,  
but give it to me so completely,
that there will be no more wishing"
fyzie zissy


  1. nice post zyha..miss to see ur face :)

  2. Hey nice post. Thnks :') You've inspired many people and you've inspired me with all your post and writing.

  3. finally! u have spoken my mind.. this is a very good entry. what an eye opening entry that lotsa other teens should read. it's sad how some teens are trying so hard to act like an adult that they actually abandoned their teen-hood years.. i mean, they're missing the excitement of being a teen. there's plenty of time. no need to rush aite.. :)

    p/s: most of your blog posts are really inspiring. loveeeeee 'em all! <3

  4. sometimes people did that bcoz they didnt know that they were being pathetic. so are we. we did something tht we thought was good but get critisized by people without our notice. nobody's perfect

  5. Seriously, I love your post Zyha. Your post aren't 'empty'. It inspired me a lot. And that's why I love reading your blog :)

  6. ManyS, You see me almost everyday back then. Zzz anyway thanks :-)

    ameera tasha, Aw thanks a lot, love :-)

    mia.azlin, Yeah, everyday is a new thing for us, there's a lot more to learn. Anyway thanks! :-) x

    Mira Madz, And in the end we're still a teenager. We don't have our whole life figured out yet.

    Nurhidayah, Thank you! :3

  7. awesome. inspiring. you get it all.

  8. I say, This is quite what i'm feeling now. I guess i'm not the only one who been feeling this :) You're inspiring love :)

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