Quick Update #4

  • October 28, 2011

It's long since I last post random stuff like this so here it goes.

1) I was clearly bored last night since, yeah, life without a boyfriend could be really lonely at some point, so I googled some websites that I thought could help me ease my boredom so I found this website--> I bet you all are probably aware of it. Yay lame me. It's more about fashion and clothing and stuff. If you're a big fan of Topshop, Mulberry, Tiffany & Co and stuff like I do, you'll find this website quite helpful since you can create your own sets like mine (below). I have a few garments that I'm not quite sure how to use it so this helps, a lot.

2) I have 5 papers left before I could really finished my final exams. So final exams was quite okay. I didn't aim to get a straight A's though since I screwed up in many papers like Physics and Additional Math. But everything went well; I didn't fall sick during exams, I didn't cheat at all and I didn't eat during exams. Okay the last one is a lie. I eat fried rice during my History paper *cricket sound* I need a strong base before I could really enter my form 5 so screw final exams, I totally gonna revise all the subjects during my year-end holiday.

3) So life have been really great lately; My hair had grown longer, my braces color is really nice and having my family treating me perfectly, I couldn't ask for more. Soon, on October 31st, I will officially turn 16. And the only thing that I could wish for right now is a pair of Yuna's legs. Lol asdfghjkl doesn't make sense. I'm really happy right now and I don't know why. I guess if you really can accept what's God had planned for you, what's the challenges that He tested you, InsyaAllah, you'll be doing just fine.
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  1. Wowww,today's your bday?So,Happy Birthday dear.Keep updating and you're fcukin' undescribeable ;AA;

  2. Heyy! I know you through Twitter and wanting to wish you happy birthday there but since my acc is private and you didn't follow me so, yeah. Hehe. Been stalking your blog, flickr and everything for a while! (yes i am creepy -,-) anyway, just want to say that you're awesome and a really strong girl. Happy birthday Nazihah and may Allah bless your life with happiness and success :) stay awesome x

  3. Hey nazihah . I am very glad to see you happy like this . Happy birthday . stay awesome girl. meloveyou . x <3