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  • May 8, 2011

Dear Ibu, Happy Mother's Day!

photos & editing by me
Soon, if God wills, I will be a mother to my own kids. I want to raise them up exactly like the way you raised me up. I want to teach them read 'Peter and Jane' at the age of 5. I want to spank their butt for not taking their bath yet. I want to bring them shopping and pick the girliest outfits on the rack. I want to teach them manners when it comes to social life. I want them to see how hard it is to climb the mountain of success. I want them to know how pure my heart is when I tell them 'I love you'. I want to sacrifice my everything for the sake of my children. And when they're sad, I want to be the only person who can lend them my shoulder and know the right words to say to them. I appreciate it so much that you did this all to me.

Ibu, you make me think this far. You inspired me in many ways. I don't know how to act like you what more to understand the feelings of being in your shoes. In fact, I'm scared. Scared for the fact that maybe, when I lose you, all the plans for my future will fade away. Afraid for the fact that when you're gone, I have no spirit left to continue this journey of mine. You raised me up too well. My weaknesses comes from me and not from the careless guidance of yours. And yet, you still put that blame on you. I guess that's the biggest sacrifices you ever made; You sacrifices your only life for the sake of your children.

Just by saying 'I love you' is not enough. But yet, I am not capable to repay all the good deeds that you had done for me. I'll be praying for you, days and night. And when your time comes, you still have me, down here, making countless of du'a for you. You will be remembered, for you are the best mother I could ever wish for.

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