For my niece

My eldest sister gave birth to a beautiful sunshine and she is very pretty, I can tell.
Dear Shaza,
Life is fun and you should be grateful to have given the opportunity to live in this tiny world. How fun is fun ? It's like eating chocolate cheese cake in the evening or maybe singing badly under the rain. Yes, life is that fun. But at some point, life is too hard to handle. It's like forcing yourself to let go the one you love or maybe changing yourself to be the person you don't want to be. And in the end you will realize that life is challenging.

I know it's too young for a seven days old girl like you to take my words but I'm telling you this because this is what I'm going through and maybe, 16 years from now when you are a teenager and have a problem with yourself, I'm afraid that I will forget what I've been through or whats the right words to say to you. I know now what I feel about life. Life is complicated. I woke up today feeling helpless and have no spirit to continue my life. I broke down into tears and start blaming myself on everything.

I'm not a strong aunt, yet. I'm not good enough to be your example but trust me, I can guide you the right way to let your heart broken again and again, to fail and never believe in yourself anymore, to love the people around you but hate yourself pretty much and so much more bad experiences. You have to go through those feelings to finally realize that you are not the pain you had experienced but the strength it took to rise above it.

With love,
Your aunt.

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